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Please read below as it discusses arrival and cancelation policies for Nrvana Yoga


Arrival to Classes 

  • Please arrive at least  10  minutes before class to allow time for check-in & set up. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing.  

  • Please bring your own mat, however, loaner mats are available.

  • It is encouraged to bring your own personal props such as blocks, bolsters, and straps. The studio does supply some props that are sanitized in-between use. 

  • Remember ~ Yoga is focused on how we feel rather than how a pose looks. Come to class prepared to pay attention to your body, and deepen your practice



  • Cancellation: Please cancel at least 1 hour before class, 24 hours before workshops. 

  • Cancellation within the time frame above will receive a refund or class back on their membership. If you cancel in the time frame listed above and did not receive a refund, please contact via email. 

  • If you do not cancel in the time frame stated above, do not show, or late to class; class payment is non refundable. 

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