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Classes We Offer 

Vinyasa Flow : Flowing through sun salutations and chaturanga flows this class focuses on physical movement guided by the rhythm of your breath. Vinyasa FLow is group yoga class that focuses on developing strength, building heat, and bodily awareness while encouraging practitioner's to safely push themselves. Poses range from beginner to experienced, but each pose is simply a suggestion and not a requirement.  Movement is done at the client’s unique pace focus to ensure each session is rewarding and fulfilling.

Slow FLow (Level 1) : This class was made with the intention to offer accessible, slower paced activity while still reinvigorating ones entire body. Imagine a mix of yin and vinyasa style yoga. Each class we will focus on a “goal” pose, in which we build up towards, bringing attention to simple poses that help us fully surrender in more complex poses.  Lots of gentle movement, self-acceptance, and patience will be cultivated. Come ready to listen to your body while I guide you through this flow.

*For those with tight joints or knee things, suggested props to bring: travel blanket or towel

Yoga Fusion  (Level 2/3) : Advance your Yoga Practice beyond asana in this HIIT (high-intensity interval training) style practice that integrates cardio throughout class. This class fuses yoga with movements is to utilize muscle engagement. Class begins with a yoga sequence to warm up, low-impact moves that are done for 30 seconds and breaks in-between to recover ending with a deep cool down. (Reps aren't counted, so you can focus on doing your personal best for the day. ) Modifications are provided. 

Move + Meditate : Awaken the connection to your mind with this move and meditate class. We will spend 45 minutes total together. This yoga flow will focus on creating connection to breath while  exploring asanas to transform and prepare our energy  for a guided meditation to end class. Meditation will have a weekly focus to dive you deeper into your divine self and creating a greater sense connection within yourself and the world around us. 

Restorative Flow: Melt away tension, ground your mind, and breathe with intention in this group class. Together, we will bring awareness to a variety of sensations within our body and practice breathing into those spaces. This class is slower paced, focused on alignment, and perfect for anyone who feels disconnected within or needs balance in their life. Dedicate a moment of peace for yourself!

VinYin: Join for active vinyasa class that moves into a soothing yin practice. This practice will be 90 minutes long that seamlessly blend the elements of strength and rest. We will move through have the class in a vinyasa style class that creates heat in the body to then finish the second half of class with calming passive postures of yin yoga. 

Prenatal Flow: Recently trained by Jane Austin, Siobhan will take you through a gentle prenatal flow. We will start by checking in, then move into a grounding breath practice, mindfully flow on our mat, and then spend some time in supported rest. Siobhan focuses on creating an inclusive and welcoming practice for all pregnant folks.

Salt Room + mediation Sessions :  In these sessions combine the benefits of meditation and salt room therapy. Salt room therapy involves breathing in salt particles, which are said to help clear your airways, reduce inflammation, and boost your immune system. With this guided mediation series leave each session rejuvenated in connection of mind body and heart. Located at InisdeOutSpa.  

Five Suns Brewery Yoga + Beer :  Awaken and align your bodies in this all level vinyasa style class. This class will be offered at the new Five Suns Brewery in the beer garden.  we will move around the mat linking our breath to movement that creates strength, freedom and fluidity on the body and mind. Post class, each client receives a FREE BEER  at Five Suns Brewing to enjoy  under the sun mid morning and connect within the community. 

*DISCLAIMER : By participating in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Nrvana Yoga from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Nrvana Yogas exercises. Each student is required to bring their own mat and props needed, please wear comfortable clothing.* 

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