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Owner, Yoga Instructor

Jennifer has been practicing yoga for over five years. Certified in 2020, she started a small micro studio in Martinez which has been growing over the past two years. Now, opening a new space Jennifer is excited for continuing sharing her love of teaching to students and add on amazing team members to offer classes as well. 

Jennifer tailors each class to a theme that enhances the entire flow, setting an intention to practice within the mind as we move through the body with breath. Her passion is to help grow each students connection of mind body and breath in practice. With each pose we strive for in class how it FEELS rather than looks. 

Besides teaching yoga, Jennifer loves the outdoors. As a water zodiac sign, cancer, she admires any connection with lakes and oceans. 

Connect w| her on instagram : @jennyylesie  

AKA : Jenny & Jenn



Yoga instructor 

Welcome! My name is Alexxis, and I am a Certified Hatha Yoga instructor with a specialty in Yoga with scoliosis & spinal fusion. I became a yoga instructor because I naturally gained more confidence, physical empowerment, and mental and emotional clarity through my practice. I've always wanted to heal people and yoga allows me to hold space for those who desire holistic healing. My dedication for preserving the practice of yoga stems from a core belief that every person deserves a moment with themselves to reconnect with their body. I’m passionate about supporting others during the turbulent moments of life. My intention is to guide the practitioner while offering them key tools to practice independently. Outside of yoga, I'm a spiritual and metaphysical enthusiast, happy hour attender, psychology lover, adventurer, and certified nap girl :) 



Yoga instructor 
No matter what style of yoga Kaylee is guiding you through, you can expect to leave feeling better than you arrived. Through meditation, breathwork, movement, and rest, Kaylee encourages you to arrive on your mat as you are, and take what you need from your practice. Her classes feature curated playlists, hands-on assists, plenty of props, and moments of laughter.
Kaylee has been a yoga practitioner for over a decade and is currently an E-CYT 500 trained in aerial yoga, prenatal yoga, and trauma-informed yoga. Off the mat, she is passionate about vegan food, her dog, houseplants, and cooking.
You can find Kaylee on Instagram @vegankaylee and


Yoga instructor 

“During Siobhan’s (pronounced “sha-von”) classes you can expect to focus on your breath and become attuned to the present moment while flowing through intentional poses. Siobhan believes in yoga’s ability to reconnect our breath, body, mind, and spirit so that we can be more present and comfortable as we move in the world. Siobhan teaches using a trauma informed lens and welcomes all bodies into a shared, community practice. Next, she plans to take Jane Austen’s prenatal yoga teacher training in Fall 2022. She hopes to see you on the mat. You can follow her on Instagram: @_yogawithsiobhan”



Yoga instructor 

I have been practicing yoga since 2014. I took my first yoga class in college and haven’t stopped doing it ever since. My yoga practice has taught me a lot about myself and what I am capable of doing. May 2020 I have completed my teacher training and now am a registered yoga teacher living in the Bay Area. Yoga has been a big part of my life and influenced my entire adulthood, yoga in my personal opinion has helped me become a better person and continues to remind me to be grateful and humble. I find joy in helping people feel good about themselves. I love spending time practicing various balance poses and really enjoy to teach them also.  

In my classes you will find yourself trying to hold different postures and stretches a little longer. Hopefully finding yourself feeling better and mire limber than when you arrived. 

I am so excited to be able to teach this beautiful practice and share all of the knowledge I have acquired over the years with others.



Yoga instructor 

Hi I’m Monique! I am a combat veteran with 19+ years of military service who surrendered to the trauma I experienced within my life. A complete breakdown gave way to the discovery of my true purpose – to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually so that I could share my passion & path to yoga with others. 


What I love about yoga is the connection to people and transformation of self. Initially, I viewed yoga purely as a physical practice until I began walking a more spiritual path – this led me to complete Holistic Yoga Flow teacher training under Travis Eliot and Desiree Heckman.

After completing my RYT 200-hour certification, I truly began to appreciate the benefits of yoga – defined as “the science of the mind.” While each type of asana (physical) practice has its own challenges and benefits, I find the mental growth the most rewarding. I’m known for my adjustments and soothing voice during restorative practice and savasana. However, all the years I’ve served in the military have gifted me with some serious upper body strength, and a little power yoga never hurts anybody.

Yoga Styles and Specialties:   All Levels Vinyasa Flow : Restorative Yoga : Vinyasa Yoga : Yin Yoga : Meditation

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